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Towing Services in Brooklyn & Manhattan, NY

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We are equipped for all types of towing – Cars, motorcycles, SUVs and more. We will tow “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere”. We offer 24hr 7 days a week door to door service. If you got an emergency breakdown, or a salvage tow, if you need to tow your car for repairs, Block driveway towing,  or just transport it to any location – nationwide, our fleet is at your service.

There are many towing companies around. When you need to choose a towing company, you need to consider a few factors:

How long have they been in business ?
We are in business for more than 10 years. We have a lot of referrals, testimonials, and good credit.

License and Certification
We are licensed to operate in all boroughs and certified by the DCA.

Quality of personal
We only hire professional, clean, polite, truck drivers and mechanics.

We know it is a competitive market, and we know we need to offer good and quality service with a decent price, So if you ever in need again you will not hesitate to call us.

We accept all motor club & insurance companies such as;
Agero , All State , Geico , Road America , Honk , State Farm , AAA,
We will bill your insurance company directly,  you don’t have to pay us !!

Brooklyn Tow Truck

Be safe and make sure that when your car breaks down, you have our number to call for emergency towing services and get you vehicle towed out of any situation, with quick response time and the quality standards you deserve – when in need for an emergency towing service

Requiring the assistance of an emergency towing service isn’t what you would consider a perfect day, but with some basic knowledge of our services, it won’t be the worst experience of your life either. Our pristine reputation in Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding areas, as an emergency towing industry leader will alleviate all of your concerns, as well as provide top quality services for you and your automobile. An experienced company established in 1995, Towing Brooklyn NY is ready to meet the needs of our customers by transporting “anything, anytime, anywhere.”

With 20 years of emergency towing service to the Brooklyn, NY and surrounding area, your safety is our top priority. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are over 4,000 pedestrian casualties and 59,000 pedestrian injuries yearly from roadway crashes. Smart roadside safety practices will prevent you from becoming an unfortunate statistic. Be prepared for emergencies by carrying flags, flares, and other protective equipment in your vehicle. Keeping your hazard lights working correctly, and your cellular devices fully charged when commuting will ensure you will be able to call for assistance when an emergency presents itself. If your car won’t run, or if it’s so badly damaged that it can’t be driven, stay in the vehicle and use a cell phone to call for help. Don’t stand outside the vehicle in or near the flow of traffic, putting yourself and others at risk. If you feel that you are not in a safe neighborhood, please stay inside the vehicle with your doors locked until help arrives. If possible, move the vehicle away from the direct flow of traffic. If you are on a busy Brooklyn, NY street or freeway where you have to contend with heavy traffic, a bad situation can quickly become worse if you do not follow safety precautions.

Towing Brooklyn NY recognize the customer’s wish for a balance of both quality and affordability. We are licensed in all 5 boroughs and certified by the DCA. Our customers know the cost of our services before we tow. Beware of emergency towing companies offering ‘budget’ rates, as they may damage your vehicle due to improper or faulty equipment. Also, be wary of any towing services that are not forthcoming regarding their rates, as towing companies use different measures for their service charges. Always choose a licensed, insured company that is experienced and reputable to avoid further damage to your vehicle. 

Towing Brooklyn NY in Brooklyn, NY understands that your vehicle is also your livelihood. We employ polite, professional drivers and mechanics to assist our valued customers through an emergency. Your happiness with our service is of the utmost importance. We are available around the clock, so please do not hesitate to call. 1-718-210-3888

Call for Towing in Brooklyn

 Call: 718-210-3888

Car Towing Brooklyn NY / NYC

Everyday increasing traffic, messy road jams and car breakdowns, any one who has been driving on the roads of New York knows the worst possible situations of these problems.
How many times have you actually gotten into a bad accident or an awful roadway block and wished for some super hero to come and save you?
Well. Super heroes might not be real but towing services aren’t much different.

About our towing services
Towing means pulling your vehicle with the help of another larger vehicle. Both the vehicles are connected together with a chain, bar or a drawing line.
Towing services are offered by companies who own a fleet of trucks or large vehicles for the main purpose to help out those in need.

The Fleet- Towing Vehicles
There are numerous towing vehicles. Though one car can tow another through enough tongue weight and tension in the drawing bar, bigger vehicles such as trucks are usually required and owned by professional towing companies.
Open trailers; trailers on a huge platform and no sides or closed trailers; trailers enclosed in four sides and a roof are two mostly used for towing.

When are towing services helpful?
Our Car Towing NYC services are helpful no matter what problem you get into on the road.

Towing a Truck in Brooklyn

1. Jump Start!
Have you been turning the key of your car and it only makes a bad start sound? Or the car does not respond? Or you hear a continuous click? You need a battery jump start. Call our car towing service! We will either help you restart your car batteries or completely replace them. In any case, they will make sure you are back on the road and completely safe.

2. Fuel Deliveries.
You are just driving in the middle of nowhere, living in the moment, you finally found time for yourself to just take a stroll. But hey what? is the car slowing down…did it just…stop?
Out of gas? That is a pretty ironic situation. Whether you are in a hurry to your job interview, late for your exam or just having fun on a long drive, running out of gas is some thing every driver completely dreads. However, you need not worry anymore. Fuel deliveries are only a call away. Call up our reliable car towing service and we will bring you any fuel you demand to get you back into your moment.

3. Flat Tires
You have cursed every living and non-living thing on the planet but you are unable to understand why this would happen to you at this point. You were not expecting a flat tire right now. Need speedy recovery? Our NYC car towing service is your solution.
Forget the hassle or the embarrassment of waiting on the road for long hours, in a maximum of twenty-five to thirty minutes, a tire-changing facility will be with you if you choose our reliable car towing services.

4. Blocked roadways.
While all other solutions may be provided by the towing services as additional packages, the main purpose of a towing service is to take your vehicle where you need it without a hassle. Whether its been damaged into an accident or needs to be removed from the traffic block you are stuck in, instead of getting into long excruciatingly shameful hours of wait, contacting a responsible towing service is a very wise move to make. A trailer will arrive quickly and take your vehicle away clearing the passage for all other drivers, saving you a lot of embarrassment.

Which Car Towing Company in NYC to contact?
Brooklyn Towing NY is the best solution for every one of these on-road problems.
Brooklyn NYC car towing company provides the most reliable well-trained staff in United States. Safe, timely and damage-free towing may be very hard to find but with Brooklyn Car Towing, royal treatment is guaranteed. Increasing customer satisfaction has proved that Brooklyn Car Towing have turned out to provide the best towing services in New York since we begun.
Experienced staff and fast responsive system makes Towing Brooklyn the best on-road assistance services for any driver.
Going out for a drive? This is one number you want to keep in your contact list!


Commercial & Medium Duty Towing Brooklyn NY

All emergency towing vehicles and equipment are not created equal, and neither are the drivers who operate them. Large vehicles, such as vans, require additional care and safety precautions. Brooklyn Towing NY located in Brooklyn, NY, employs only professional drivers who are experienced and capable of towing your van or other large vehicle. With our fleet of emergency towing vehicles on standby, we are always available twenty four hours every day to handle any van or large vehicle towing request from our customers.

If you are in need of our van, SUV or commercial towing services, please call our toll free number for customer and technical support. We will match your van’s size and weight with the emergency vehicle most suited for the job. Fully licensed and insured, Towing Brooklyn NY has been providing damage free emergency towing service to the Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding areas, since 1995. We also know you need your large vehicle off of the roadside as soon as possible, to protect the safety of other drivers. Our response time is minimal, giving you speedy service and peace of mind. We also offer competitive rates, giving you an honest quote before we complete your request.

heavy duty towing in brooklyn

Blocked Driveway Towing Service in Brooklyn, NY

Call for Towing in Brooklyn

 Call: 718-210-3888

Please make sure the vehicle you want to be removed from your blocked driveway, has a police summons or ticket on it so that we can come to you in the fastest time possible. We have been serving the Brooklyn, and Manhattan for years now, and have built a reputation of reliable, professional and affordable towing services so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Whatever your towing needs, give Towing Brooklyn NY a call.


The service of removing a vehicle that is blocking your driveway is free of charge to the owner or renter of the driveway. All that is required is a signature of authorization to tow. Only the owner of the vehicle will be charged any Towing fees. Do not be afraid to call Towing Brooklyn NY we will clear the path so you could be on your way.

Whenever your vehicle is being Blocked by another car in your driveway Contact Towing Brooklyn NY to have your blocked driveway cleared up. Blocked driveway towing is your solution. A blocked driveway can sometimes get on a person’s nerves and makes very angry. Please stay cool at this moment and have one of our tow trucks come and clear up your blocked driveway. Call Towing Brooklyn NY to come and remove that car that is blocking your driveway !

It is legal, Just call us and we will solve your problem !

Blocked Driveway Towing Brooklyn, NY

illegal parking towing

If a vehicle is Blocking your Driveway, Owners or renters may request enforcement by doing the following:

Do not call a tow company directly!!!

  • Call 311.
  • Inform them the location, plate # and the type of vehicle blocking your driveway.
  • A police unit will be sent to your location to issue a summons to the vehicle.
  • As the officer is issuing the ticket call us:

Towing Brooklyn NY At 718-210-3888 and we will dispatch a tow truck immediately.

Roadside Assistance service in NY

Towing business is growing directly proportional to the increasing traffic on the roads. According to statistics, one in every three families in America owns personal transport. Knowing that it is no surprise that the roads are always bustling with cars and parking have no space left. With all these things increasing, one of the problems reaching the skyline is everyday vehicle problems.

Those who drive usually know well of the mechanical breakdowns and vehicle issues that happen almost every day. If your car was parked into a safe area but suddenly just stopped working during a rush hour, you are not the first one with the problem. Luckily, Brooklyn reliable towing services are available at help round the clock.

Brooklyn NYC Towing Services excel in roadside assistance. There are several problems you might need help with unexpectedly while on road: 

1. Car Lockouts
Please stop cursing yourself. It is not your fault that you got locked out of your car. Many people get into this problem because they are in a hurry or they are distracted with more important things at that moment. However, now that you have been locked out of your car, it is of no real use to just stand and stare at it helplessly. Dial the number and free yourself of the problem. Locksmith services are a part of roadside assistance provided by towing services. Whether you have lost the keys to your car or the remote control isn’t operating well, you need to quickly call help and a reliable service offering roadside assistance will make sure you are back inside your car really quickly. Forget worrying, take a step and solve the problem!

2. Flat tires and Fuel Problems
Every driver has gotten into one of those nasty problems. Ironically, these happen at the most unexpected times. However, if you have saved the number of a reliable well-known professional towing service, you have nothing to worry about. Providing excellent roadside services, equipped with the best machinery and accompanied by educated staff, Brooklyn New York City towing services are sure to help you solve your problem.

3. Tow away!
Brooklyn Roadside Assistance services provided twenty-four hours whether you are lost on the road or need your car removed safely from a messy parking, Brooklyn NYC roadside assistance provides safe towing which you can easily rely on. Whether your vehicle needs short distance towing or you need the services to travel a longer distance, we are willing to take the extra mile for you to help you out. Making sure you are completely problem free on the road is our top priority hence our helpers will reach you within a maximum of thirty minutes of your call for assistance. Flatbed towing and enclosed towing are available. Brooklyn Emergency Services owns a fleet of great professional trucks to help you out, available twenty-four seven. With a huge deal of packages to offer, we are always busy helping drivers out with their every day vehicle disasters. Your safety and top quality services are our top priority. Dial away to find solutions – 1-718-210-3888.

Towing a Hammer in Brooklyn

Dealing with Accidents in NYC

Accidents occur unexpectedly and often at the most inconvenient times possible. Most drivers are in shock right after the accident and require a personal approach, with care and understanding. They deserve the best service possible. Let us be your guide and show you the road to recovery

    • Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Glove Compartment: cell phone, paper and pen to take notes, disposable camera to take photos of the vehicles at the scene, card with medical information about medical allergies
  • Keep Safety First.
  • Exchange Information.
  • Photograph and Document the Accident.
  • File An Accident Report.
  • Know What Your Insurance Covers.
  • If the car is damaged, call us: 718-210-3888, towing service Manhattan, NY

More Details about how to deal with accident in our article section

We accept all credit cards! Use the easy form to the right or call 718-210-3888 in order to get service.

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