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Our Auto Repair Services include

We provide outstanding auto repair services at fair and cheap prices. Our shop is located in Brooklyn NY we have been in business for over 20 years with tons of best quality service ratings from our valued customers and the leading possible mechanics around.

We provide yearly auto repair maintenance, inspection services, and preparation for emission tests as well as annual federal inspections by the state of New York.

Vehicle History & Service Reminders

We can check by the VINs of the auto and any vehicles repair that have been made to it. We will contact you yearly to come in for an engine maintenance service check or to switch out some parts like brake inspection, steering wheel, engine inspection, tire change, transmission diagnostics, fuel filters, change oil and some fluids that need to be changed from time to time for your vehicle to run the way it should go. Our family-owned company’s business auto repair services are to keep your life worry-free and get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Complete Vehicle Mechanical Repairs and Servicing

Our auto mechanics repair company service shops anywhere in Brooklyn NY & our NYC location, have been dealing prominently with cars and auto repair jobs & services for over 20 year, honest and efficient in every single aspect of vehicle mechanic maintenance and repair services. Our shop has the top guys associated with auto repair & auto engine bodywork they can do everything and they perform to the highest degree in the automobile business.
Auto Repair Brooklyn

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We’ll arrive in no time to solve all of your auto related issues, give us a call now!

Quality Fuel Injection, Servicing and Repairs

Seldom your steering wheel fuel pump or your tire and brake fuel injection system goes critical. When that happens you must contact the go-to team in a licensed and reliable auto repair shop to get your fuel pump or injectors up and working again, so you can get back on the road and have your engine purring like a kitten. Reach out to us free of charge! We are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Contact our customer service via a phone call or to our online site menu and we’ll take care of that on time. Everybody is welcome when you need our help and get there to your map location at any time.

Outstanding Trouble Shooting & Automobile Diagnostic

When something’s wrong with your vehicles and you don’t know where to start you have to begin with vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting. We have sophisticated computers that are programmed with special software that will detect anything and everything wrong with your vehicle and we can know exactly where to point our energy, time, and money so we can fix a problem instead of going through every single part in trying to figure out what’s wrong. Some scanners and computer software do not catch all errors so you have to know exactly what software and what machine to use for that computer to detect any issues in your vehicle so they can be determined and fixed in a timely manner.

All of your auto repair needs in one place.

Computerized Engine Tuning

When you want your engine to function differently than it currently does or add more power or decreasing power you have to tune it up. When using computers to tune your automobile and your engine it is very important to use the right equipment and the professional tools for you to achieve the outcomes if you want to obtain if you are going to use tools that are not specifically made for your vehicle brands like bmw or your engine could damage permanently your auto or any of the sensitive mechanical and electronic parts in your automobile. So we advise you to only tune your auto at a professional auto repair shop like our in Brooklyn NY map.

Pre – Purchase Inspections

When you want to buy a new auto or truck you have to inspect it before you purchase it to know that everything is the way it should be and nothing is faulty because if you discover to buy a new one from someone else or secondhand, 3rd hand from a private dealer you could find a lot of surprises that you don’t want to find after you’re already paid, this is when pre-purchase inspection comes into play.

To resolve that issues, we will inspect every single part in your car and tell you exactly what’s faulty and what needs to be changed, and if anything needs to be changed at all. After that, you can go about your day and complete the purchase knowing fully well that the car you’re going to buy is 100% working well.

fault diagnosis

Sometimes there are faults and the best way to find them is to run them through a fall diagnostic process for that happens you need the right equipment and computers with auto mechanic software to connect to your car in order to find faults, identify and repair the problem of your car.
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fault diagnosis Brooklyn

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s never a good time to be stuck with your car in the middle of no where, we can help you get out of that mess and get you day back on track. Give us a call today.

If someone is blocking your driveway and you do not recognize that car, you should first call 311, have a police officer come in and give that car a ticket, and after that’s completed, give us a call and we’ll tow it away.

We might be able to work with your insurance provider and this won’t cost you anything out of pocket, give us a call to find out more about this.

We provide short and well as long distance towing services, we can tow your car anywhere in the NYC area.

Blocked driveways are a common thing in New York, let us handle this all without any hassles,..

Mechanical & Auto Electrical repairs

Sometimes wiring in a car gets messy and sometimes wires just run their course. If your car starts to run differently, your radio or your Bluetooth headset does not work anymore maybe your headlights stopped working, then it’s time to have a look at your electrical wiring inside your car and possibly fix what’s wrong in there. That could be a very messy and complicated process so we only advise you to do that and discover or phone and make an appointment with a professional auto repair shop owner to provide the best auto repair service around the city of Brooklyn NY. Automotive electrical repairs are different than what you could find in your house, or your business, so we strongly suggest not mess with it yourself, phone us to make an appointment that fits your agenda, our team will help you out to repair 24 hours a day in auto service needs.
Auto Repair Brooklyn NY

Air Conditioning

Nothing is worse than starting your car in the middle of a sunny day and having the air conditioning not functioning, we all have been there, sometimes it could be the motor that runs out or you don’t have enough gas for the air conditioning to actually work so this is where come in and we can refill the gas in your car for the air conditioner to work it properly or we can assist you with getting and installing a new motor it could be as simple as cleaning out, repair and putting it back in as well.

Brakes, Steering & Suspension, Front & Rear Tire Brakes

Brakes are essential parts of your automobile if your brakes are faulty it could lead to an accident, loss of control, or any of the above. When you start hearing squeaks when you push on the stop pedal you should start to get worried. This is where you need to schedule an appointment online or contact us via phone call and have your brake checked on every single wheel at the scheduled time.

Automatic & Manual Transmission

Transmissions are what’s responsible for changing gears in your car the same way as your bicycle has geared this is the same situation. Sometimes transmissions go bad and you have to change the whole transmission and other points all you have to do is to add some oil and transmission will start shifting smoothly as it used to the only way you can find us out is to run diagnostics and provide a car mechanic service. Take an action on your car’s oil and other problems! Contact us on the phone or make an appointment online that is open 24 hours repair shop and have us figure out what’s wrong there. We never fail our customer expectations.

Car Batteries

Batteries have a lifespan as well as anything else on an automobile, and they tend to stop working at the most inconvenient hours time possible, when that happens you might need a jump start to actually get to our auto repair service shops and mechanic services in Brooklyn NY map so we can provide that with our top-notch rating towing truck service & our towing service crew. We can switch out the batteries in your car and the cost will be very affordable especially in this Covid 19 pandemic time, it will take us no longer than 1 hour and you’ll be out of our auto repair service shop or a few minutes time if this is the only thing wrong in your automobile condition.
Car Battary Brooklyn
With our high rating including customers’ reviews over the years for our business in auto repair Brooklyn NY location, we are one of the most honest customer review and excellent automobile repair service rating family-owner auto repair firm located all over Brooklyn NY, we aim to provide the highest quality repair service at the best possible lowest price to our customer especially this covid 19 time. Our location in Brooklyn NY map is filled with top rating guys that really care about the services & the cars they preserve.
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